Monday, October 15, 2012

What's middle child suppose to be?

Frankly, i'm the middle one. Above me is the BIG brother and below me is the LIL. brother.
So, what is my position as the middle one? Let me tell ya!

Its hard. Reaaaallly hard.

First, as the middle child to the parents, i must score and be the good ones.Impressed them and make them proud. Once, i followed up my parents to a wedding functions and most of them speaks English so fluently, errr, actually too arrogant and my parents thinks that i can't speaks in English just because i don't speak in front of them. What??? It doesn't means that the one that show off is the best and the quiet one is the least.

Second, if the parents argue or creating wars between themselves and my brother, i'm the one that always makes the things goes under control. And the one that gives 'messages' to each other.

Third, i must give up early when fighting with the lil. brother even i'm not guilty.

Fourth, most of them rely on me.

After all, i don't regret of being the middle one. Indeed, i'm proud. I try to improve myself in front of them and gives the best. I try hard and prove to them that i can do. As long as they love me. At least, i got the loves and attention from them.

So, what's your position? First, middle or last one?

Me loving them! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hey! Its been awhile since the last time i updated my blog. Eh, wait! Nearly forgot that i got a blog. Hahaha. My bad! *tunduk hormat cara orang korea.

Sekarang, alhamdulillah dah masuk pertengahan untuk short sem. Permulaan yang agak membosankan. Dan, dan saya dah dapat result untuk sem 2. Sangat happy because hampir dapat dean list. Insya allah next sem saya akan berusaha kuat.

Actually, ada banyak benda nak cerita tapi disebabkan benda tuh dah terlalu lama, so just forget about it. Tapi, saya nak ceritakan pasal BBQ kitaorang. Sumpah kelam kabut and best. Sebabnya? Lecturer2 yang ajar kitaorang dari sem 1 join the club gak! And saya kena prank gila2 by a person that always be my enemy. Boleh lak dia baling telur busuk dgn tepung yang dah rosak? Siap tenyeh tepung dalam mulut pulak tuh. I hate u man!!!!! Tunggu birthday kau. *revenge*

That's all for now. Otak tgh tidur even mata dah terbuka. Tak tahu pulak kenapa tiba2 rajin nak update blog.

Budak baju hitam merah itulah musuh ketat saya! Pembuli yang tak puas buli saya hari2. =(