Thursday, March 31, 2011

What you call a bird that looks like a parrot but it's not a parrot? Huh!

Got it?

Yesterday evening, my house was pretty disaster and my little brother and ME can't stop screaming and running.Why? Because there was a small little birdie fly into our house. For temporary, we are staying at an apartment and every evening i will open the sliding door near the balcony to get fresh air.

On that time, that small birdie was just taking some rest near my balcony. That bird looks so cute and very small. Its look like an artificial bird. We thought that bird will just fly off if we get near but it's not! Tame little birdie.
When i touch that bird, it fly into my room and sat at my bed. My little brother and i start to screaming and running whenever that birdie fly to us!

You know its really sweet and funny when that cute birdie fly near my big mirror and start to kiss that mirror. We all like wth? But, i started to understand. That birdie thinks that there was another similar bird like that cute birdie in the mirror. It's just the image of that birdie!

We gave that cute birdie some fruits and water. And makes some poop too. I call that birdie 'Tweety' because when i was small, i used to watched this cartoon that got this cute little birdie.

We also try to let the bird out and fly freely but it comes into my house again and fly to the kitchen. We all feels so tired and let that bird to have some rest. After that, the bird flew out. The bird knew that it was time to go home. Bubye my little cute tweety bird! 

Look alike much?


I hope that this birdie will come again =)

P/S : I tawt I taw a puddy tat! *Tweety's signature lines!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Who Is Rebecca Black? -.-

Do anyone of you know her?


Popular sangat ke?

"Oh oh saya tau. Alaa, dia nyanyi lagu Friday tuhhh"

"Suara dia sengauu gila. Suara mak aku lagi sedap."

"Dia nyanyi Friday tapi dengar macam FRY-EGG?!!?!?!@$%"

Secara overall, Rebecca Black ini budak American, umur 13 tahun and lagu dia menjadi popular dekat Youtube sebabnya lagu dia tuh terlalu teruk and they say what? WORST SONG EVER! Hey, if lagu dia teruk sangat takkan lah Simon Cowell tuh puji dia sebagai genius? And lagu Friday tuh dah hampir 40 000 000++ yang view and hear that song. Well, i'm not.

Maybe ramai yang dengar lagu dia untuk tujuan mengejek. Seriously, aku pun tak dengar lagi lagu dia sebab internet lembab. Lagipun, orang yang dah pernah dengar lagu Friday ini cakap if dengar sekali, that's song will played in your brain again and again and again.

Rebecca Black!

Ahoy! Janganlah memperlekehkan kelemahan orang lain sebabnya NOBODY PERFECT IN THIS WORLD.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Salute Him For The Best Music Ever

This is Maksim Mrvica. Ramai sebenarnya tak kenal dia mungkin sebab dia bukan penyanyi mahupun pelakon. Dia seorang pemain piano yang main bapak laju gilaa. Okayy!

Maksim Mrvica.

A beautiful music yang dicipta oleh dia ini boleh cure broken heart tau! Tak caya? Try dengar lagu dia ini!

Woah, dia main laju gila macam dia ada 20 jari je. And then, ada yang cakap dia akan perform dekat Malaysia. Rumours kan? So, we wait and see! ;)

P/S : Damn! Rasa berkobar kobar nak belajar main piano and guitar. Someone teach me pleaseee!