Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Seriously, i got a lot to say like :

1) My new university? Friends? Classes? Lectures? 

2) About my BAD sinus that i got for the first time and meet the doctor for the first time ever in my life. Experience right? Storrryyyy!

3) Oh, you know Kamal Affendi? The crime analyst? Better GOOGLE if you dunno. He has been came to my school when i was like in Form 4 and he came again to give talks in my university. Second time opportunity.So, i MUST share my experience here because the way he gave the talks when i was 16 was totally different than now. 

And a lot. I can't remember at all. Nowadays, my blurness was getting serious. -___-
I will find the time to finished up my delayed topics soon! 

* Oh. Yeah! I'm not alone in my university. Yes, i got my IZZATI FUZI!! She is studying in same university with me but different course. Weird is it? We are not too 'rapat' when we are studying at same school and same class. Takdir kan? ;) 

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